- part of World Peace - SHOLAM
please contact salomon zotter by email to LIEBENDIG at GMAIL dot COM Idea: WATER FROM THE NORTH - Europe,.. - to the SOUTH - ARABIA and AFRICA WADISE - send water from North to make Forests in Arabia and Africa. all of live is fluent and comes from water. With more water for Africa and Arabia,.... from the North our would could have so much more vital life... thats my BreaThinK and WADISE (the paradise of the Wadi) idea. bring water through pipelines from Europe to plant forests in Arabia and Africa "WADISE". Oceans wont rise... ...and the CO2 CarboDiOxyde will go into new forests. I think people should make biiiiig tubes to get the water through... so the oceans dont rise but the trees will. We stop Global Warming - and Start Global Wellness Wealth With the trees some good ground will develop.... and the water will carry some earth coming with it... to let the trees build good roots. WATER FOR OIL! Wadise will bring Water to the World Poor countries will get more than stock paper - true life :-) and industrial countries will get true life - oxygen. Water Well Flourish Blossom Humidity Fertility. Wadise "FORETs - cEst la FUTURE" ;) :D